Carpet Cleaning Marketing Denver, CO

Check out this great review of the carpet cleaning marketing tool The Post Place.   Fill out this form for more... Read More »

Mobile Website Marketing Gilbert AZ

Have you read all of the news in the last week about Google's "Mobilegeddon" Update? Every news outlet from Forbes to USA Today has been reporting on how this update is demoting... Read More »

Why mobile?

Here at onTop local, we've always stressed the importance of having a mobile website - but why? Well the simple answer is - because people prefer them. The majority of people who search on... Read More »

Carpet Cleaner Marketing Reno NV

Here is a great testimonial from Chris, the owner of All Clean Carpet Cleaning in Reno, NV. Chris has been using the onTop local Marketing System to market his carpet cleaning business in the Reno,... Read More »

Content Marketing Phoenix AZ - Do I Need to Worry about Duplicate Content?

Here is a video from Matt Cutts, the head of Google's WebSpam team. He tells us that 25 - 30% of the internet is duplicate content so they only penalize those who are spamming the internet. They are... Read More »

Content marketing and Google. How long will it take?

The most commonly asked question we get from potential and existing customers is: How long will it take before I see my business skyrocket up the Google rankings? The answer is: Soon! Although it is... Read More »

Create a killer title with this keyword helper!

Are you struggling with coming up with unique, effective titles for your articles? This chart will help you connect your keywords with effective descriptor words that you can mix and match for... Read More »

Content Marketing: Articles vs. Videos

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onTop local Holds Weekly Writing Webinar

Here are a couple of the questions from last week's webinar: Wednesday Writing Workshop: Crafting Killer Articles. - What kinds of keywords should I use in my title?- Should I post more videos or... Read More » review

What Clients are saying about the team from!   Our experience with On Top Local was far superior to those other companies seeking annual contracts and extensive web... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning Advertising Las Vegas NV - How Many Posts Per Month

The standard package gets 40 posts a month. If you would like more posts per month you can contact us at and we can upgrade your package to more posts. Fill Out... Read More »

Carpet Cleaner Marketing Tools - Turn Pictures into a Video on Your Phone

Are you taking before and after pictures of your work? If not, then you are really missing out because they are a great way to prove the quality of your work. Now, how do you share them with all... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning Marketing Ideas North Carolina

We want to welcome Eileen from Oxymagic of Carolinas. She is another great carpet cleaning customer in Charlotte, North Carolina that signed up a little over a month ago. Check out these great... Read More »

Carpet Cleaner Marketing Washington

Another great business that we want to welcome to the family is David Norton and All Star Carpet Cleaning. They provide carpet cleaning in Bothell, WA and have been marketing faithfully for a couple... Read More »

The Success of Content Marketing in Phoenix, AZ

Marketers are finding out real quick that content is an important part of their marketing strategies as they strive to keep customers engaged. This is one of the benefits of content marketing,... Read More »

Carpet Cleaner Marketing Phoenix, AZ

For several years now, internet video has grown from a “nice to have” tool to a “must-have” for carpet cleaners. Consumer's today don’t simply enjoy video; they expect it. Here are three... Read More »

Content Marketing: How to succeed and who to get involved

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Five Fears That Prevent Video Marketing

Here is a great article by Marketing Profs Daily Fix by Kieran Farr A recent report noted that 76% of marketers said they planned to use online video. But have they, really? Only 23% of national... Read More »

How to Use Google Plus in Your Business

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How to Enhance Business Growth with Google Plus

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How to Advertise Your Brand Using Google Plus

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Building a Great Company with the Help of Social Media

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SEO Fundamentals in Phoenix, AZ

1.  Retain Your Focus on Revenue and Profit Focus Your SEO on Revenue and Profit For any online business, revenue matters — as does profit. On-site SEO was never more important in generating... Read More »

Mobile Marketing

Here is a great article on Mobile marketing. As more tablets and smartphones flood the market, online traffic is moving to the mobile. Mobile browsing has increased 192% since 2010, accounting to... Read More »

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media marketing programs usually center on efforts to create content that... Read More »

How to Increase Business with LinkedIn

Most people are familiar with the company "LinkedIn". However, I have noticed that when I talked to business owners about LinkedIn and how they are using it in there marketing, I get a blank stare.... Read More »

Youtube Video Marketing Tips

Can YouTube Videos boost your Webiste? Absolutely. Videos should be an important part of your marketing plan. Whether it’s a how-to video, an interview with an expert, or product review, videos... Read More »