How to Increase Business with LinkedIn

Most people are familiar with the company "LinkedIn". However, I have noticed that when I talked to business owners about LinkedIn and how they are using it in there marketing, I get a blank stare. Most business owners do not know how to use LinkedIn in their daily marketing so here are a few quick pointers to improve your marketing with LinkedIn.

1. Update Your Profile

Make sure your information is correct and extensive. It will only take a few minutes to complete your profile but it leaves an impression with those who see it.

2. Install the LinkedIn App on Your Smartphone

You need to have the app on your phone and ready at a moment's notice. If you are going to successfully utilize LinkedIn for marketing you need to have access to it on the go.

3. Connect with People

The key to LinkedIn is to build as large a network as you can as long as it will help your business. Do not just link to complete strangers, look to link with people that will either buy your product or services or can introduce you to people who will. For example, now that you have the app on your phone, you meet a new potential customer. Instead of getting their business card, take two seconds and link to them using your phone app. Now you are linked forever. Remember business cards can get lost but your link on LinkedIn will not. This is a great way to connect with someone and stay in touch, which we will discuss next.

4. Touch People

The real key to LinkedIn, is connecting and contacting people. Whenever you make a new connection with someone, in the next 48 hours log into LinkedIn and write a nice recommendation for them. It will take less than five minutes but it will be worth it's weight in gold. You see, when you write a recommendation for someone LinkedIn will notify them immediately and will ask if they want to write a recommendation back. I have found that most will do it. This is the key, you are promoting them and in term they will return the favor. You have just created a stronger bond with this person and when they need your services, they will remember you over any competitor.

So download the LinkedIn app and start your social media marketing today.