Content Marketing: Articles vs. Videos

Many of our clients ask about posting articles vs. videos to The Post Place. Which is better for content marketing? Which will move articles up faster in Google rankings?

Usually, we advise our customers to post a 50/50 combination of text articles and videos through The Post Place. There are also a couple of different factors to take into consideration when deciding which content to post.

1. Which format works best? Are you informing people of products and services? If so, an article might  be the best bet. Are you showing potential customers your work on a previous job? Video would be the way to go here. Pick the best format for the information you want relayed.

2. What are your competitors doing? Do you have a competitor in your area that has the market cornered on videos? Then you should be posting articles in order to stand out to your customers and capture that market.

3. Test it out! Google may also rate articles and videos differently based on your location. If you find after a few months of posting a 50/50 combination of articles and videos that your articles are nowhere to be found in the search listings, then videos may be the format to stick with.

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