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Have you read all of the news in the last week about Google's "Mobilegeddon" Update? Every news outlet from Forbes to USA Today has been reporting on how this update is demoting businesses in the search rankings who are not mobile friendly. 

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Check out some of the biggest headlines about Google's #Mobilegeddon: 

Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm Gives Small Businesses The Advantage

"Despite the warning, a number of extremely well known brands are still scrabbling to minimize the impact of Google’s mobile algorithm update, leaving smaller businesses with the advantage"

Google's Mobile Update Has Websites Worried About Search Rankings on Phones
"Rule No. 1 is don't show the same website on different size screens, according to Jared Belsky, president of 360i. 'The biggest offenders have to recognize that they can't just shrink websites that were made for larger screens,' Belsky said. 'And many marketers, even blue chip brands, have been slow to make sure the quality and responsiveness of their mobile websites are on par with desktop.'"

Google Inc's "Mobilegeddon" Could Alienate Nearly Half Of Its Top Websites
Mobilegeddon' might sound like a brutal reckoning, but it's actually a win-win situation for mobile users and businesses. Smartphone users get easier to read websites, which could persuade them to order more products and services.'

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