Content Marketing Phoenix AZ - Do I Need to Worry about Duplicate Content?


Here is a video from Matt Cutts, the head of Google's WebSpam team. He tells us that 25 - 30% of the internet is duplicate content so they only penalize those who are spamming the internet. They are not going to penalize sites that may have a small amount of duplicate content and they won't penalize them at all if they are adding even more value to the duplicate content. Here is the video: 




Now that being said, since you started with the template, you do have some duplicate content but it is not spammy and it is relevant to your services in a very specific area. Second, we highly suggest that you customize the content to match your business. Google says that content needs to be 30% different to be considered unique. That means that you can easily re-word the content on the website in your own words and it will be considered 100% unique.

More importantly, we only provide a few pages for you on the website and you are adding atleast 30 - 40 pages a month through the Post Place. That means that you are adding 40 new pages of original content each month which makes those original pages less and less important in the eyes of Google. They are going to focus on the new, fresh content that you are pushing out. As your website grows to a hundred pages, two hundred pages, a thousand pages those original pages are going to be a speck compared to the mountain of original content that you have on the website.

So is there a concern with duplicate content penalties with the search engines? The short answer is no because you can easily make changes to the content to customize it to your business and most importantly, you are adding new relevant and original content to the website on a daily basis which Google will love and reward you for it. 


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