Content marketing and Google. How long will it take?


The most commonly asked question we get from potential and existing customers is: How long will it take before I see my business skyrocket up the Google rankings?


The answer is: Soon!


Although it is rare, we have had some customers who have hit the ground running in low-competition areas who have started ranking high on Google in just a few short weeks. However, this is not typical. We normally see customers make a break for the top around the 2-4 month range. Why is this?


1. Google and other search engines typically only index pages once every month. That means you could write an article today and Google might not even see it for 30 days!

2. It takes time to build relevancy. Google's goal is to provide top-quality, relevant content to its searchers. It takes time to build up that relevancy factor with Google. They want to see that you are consistently posting relevant, interesting material and didn't just post a one-off article.

3. Breaking through the clutter. Unless you live in a very small town, chances are that you have some competition. It takes some time to not only bolster your own relevancy, but to show the search engines that you are better and more relevant with better content than your competitors.


Regardless of if it takes you four weeks or four months, The Post Place by onTop local will help you improve your placement in the search engine results. Keep posting great content with relevant keywords, and we promise that you will see a huge difference SOON! 

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