Check out the New Post Place

We're extremely excited to announce a major upgrade to The Post Place. We have basically re-written the entire system to make it lightning fast and give you complete control over your posts. Here are just a few of the upgrades you will see: 

1. Speed - The Post Place is lightning fast now! No more waiting while the Post Place does it's magic. Once you click the submit button you can instantly start working on your next post.

2. One Login - You can forget about having separate logins because we have combined everything into your one simple login Have more than one website you post to?  You can now post to one website and jump to another with the click of a button.

3. Advanced Content Features - You now have full control of the content including adding as many pictures as you want anywhere you want. You can also add more videos and even custom code like external opt-in forms. 

4. Word Count - No more trying to guess how many words are in your article, the system counts them for you in real-time. 

5. Live Reporting - No need to track how many times you have posted this month. At a glance you can see how many posts you have sent out, how many are in the queue and how many you have left to do. 

6. Post History - Now you have a full history of everything you have posted, when it was posted and with a click you can even instantly edit previous posts. 

Don't delay, get started with the new system by simply logging into your account, click on The Post Place and follow the easy steps in the video above to start posting now!  

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